Sunday, June 24, 2012

Treasure Family Reunion!

(This may not be the best photo, but it may be the only shot taken with the camera timer with everyone in Dad just barely makes the picture on the right!  We're all wearing out Team Treasure shirts with what number we are in the Mom and Dad being numbers 1 and 2...)

I love family reunions!  (Although I have to admit that family reunions are a bit different now that I am a parent of young children...why is it that kids always wake up earlier when you're on vacation?!) 

Two weeks ago was our Treasure Family Reunion.  My parents rented a house on a lake in Virginia where we and my older sister's family could drive to.  My younger sister, her husband, my parents and my grandpa all flew across the US to come.  It was a great week of soaking up time with some of the people I love the most!

Some highlights...
Playing in the lake!  Isaac went through many sets of clothes, but never actually jumped in the water!

Spending time with the little girls.

Visiting some Civil Way battlefields and visitor centers and learning more about the Civil War.

Decorating rain gutter regatta boats.  Isaac's was called "Super Dog" and Amy's was "Dolphin Baby".

Nana's Store.  The kids could earn "Nana Bucks" by doing service and being extraordinarily good which they could then use to buy things at Nana's store.  This was a huge hit, and my kids still ask if they can get a Nana Buck for doing something.

Hanging out with the big girls!  (The Treasure girls and the two littlest).

Playing in the sand at the lake house.

Visiting Monticello, more about that soon.

Family Olympics...look at that noodle throwing form!

Some of our Olympians.

Picnicking together.  We would often take lunches on day outings and everyone (especially Amy) was thrilled to get their own lunch sack with their name on it!

Relaxing and talking!
Touring the Luray Caverns.  More on that later.

Making memories and spending time together!
 Can't wait until the next time we're together!


  1. What a fun reunion! How great that it was right there. I love the olympic games. Looks like so much fun.

  2. Sounds like fun! Love the idea of nana bucks.